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Fiscal cash registers and printers of ELZAB brand

Fiscal cash registers and printers of ELZAB brand

ELZAB fiscal cash registers and printers

Elzab is a Polish computer company specializing mainly in the production of fiscal equipment. Fiscal cash register of the ELZAB brand was the first of the fiscal cash registers admitted to trading. Fiscal cash registers and printers of this brand are known for reliable performance. The brand ELZAB offers its customers a wide range of fiscal devices of various dimensions and functionality. To make it easier for you to get acquainted with the offer and select the best device for your needs, we divided the fiscal cash registers and the ELZAB printer into categories. We present you the models that our customers buy the most often.

ELZAB fiscal cash registers

One of the most popular ELZAB fiscal cash registers is the ELZAB K 10 model. It is easy to maintain, reliably designed to suit different operating conditions. Its elegant housing, touch screen and anti-slip base are the absolute advantages of this fiscal cash register.

Another model worth to be recommended is the medium size ELZAB ALFA MAX model; it is an economical analogue of the system cash registers, which has a receipts electronic copying function and a high-quality built-in printing mechanism. Most often it is chosen by large and small retail outlets, grocery stores, etc.

The next model we would like to introduce to you is ELZAB DELTA MAX E - an innovative system cash register that has the function of electronic copying of receipts, a handy list of goods, and also is compatible with many external devices. It is addressed mainly to major trade and service outlets.

Of course, these are just some of the advantages which the above models have, we invite you to get acquainted with the detailed technical data of the devices and the full range of ELZAB fiscal cash registers.

ELZAB Fiscal printers 

The ELZAB fiscal printers are diverse, so we will introduce you to those that are the most popular among our customers. The first model to be submitted will be ELZAB D10, it is undoubtedly an innovative fiscal device that can work via WI-FI or Bluetooth (subject to provision of special modules), which makes it possible to use the printer as a portable sale outlet. Its slim, small housing and touch screen (as well as Elzab K 10 fiscal cash register) allows you to use it freely and move with it.   The printer can remind you of daily reports, which is also very convenient.\
The next willingly purchased model is the ELZAB MERA TE fiscal   printer - functional equipment, which has a graphic display with the ability to insert company logo, name, advertising. There is also the function of recording an electronic copy. It is distinguished by fast printing and paper cutter. It is bought primarily by pharmacies and larger outlets. We also have its ELZAB MERA TE FV TFT   modification which is a fiscal printer that, in addition to the basic functions is close to the functions of the ELZAB   MERA TE model, it also has additional features, such as VAT invoices , barcodes printing on receipts. Most often it finds its application in wide-ranging service and sales centers.
The last of the ELZAB fiscal printers described here will be the ELZAB ZETA model - a stationary printer with receipts copying and VAT invoices printing function. The printer can be connected to an external display. It features a small, as for a stationary device, housing. It is the most willingly used in small shopping and service outlets. The advantage of the described printer is low price.
All of the above models are just a small part of the devices that we can offer you, so we invite you to get acquainted with our wide assortment range further on our website.