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The subject of ESC SA. activity is maintenance of enterprises, institutions, educational institutions and other organizations in the IT field in the broadest sense of the word. For many years we specialize in the installation and management of computer networks. We establish and implement programs for the management of an enterprise or any organization. We are engaged in the audit of informational resources; in addition, we take care of the security of our customers' data.

The staff of the company includes specialists in various fields of computer science. Qualification of the team allows our clients to feel safe about their work and development, as well as receive professional advice and services.

Many years of experience in the computer market and deep knowledge allow us to provide consulting and training services, aimed at issues related to provision of information technology to enterprises, as well as the management problems of an organization that uses modern technologies.

ESC S.A. is also engaged in the sale and maintenance of fiscal devices and the design and installation of customer service systems in stores and restaurants.

An important and dynamically developing sub-division is the department of Internet systems. Our experience and projects focus on creating websites and web applications using databases. Applying the author's CMS mechanism, we are engaged in the integration of enterprise Internet based management systems.

Within the framework of cooperation, we support our clients with financial consultations in the area of preparation of the strategy of activities and business plans, as well as the search for funds for the implementation of the planned actions.

Twenty-five years practice on the market allows us to share tremendous knowledge with you in designing solutions that are optimal for a particular organization.

The described area of activity is realized by ESC with the help of the following organizational structure:

  • IT outsourcing department - comprehensive support in the field of IT institutions and enterprises
  • Department of Internet Systems
  • Department of Enterprise Management Systems Implementation
  • Fiscal department of fiscal devices and equipment that automates sales processes (POS, scales, scanners)

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