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Network solutions

Network solutions

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We create computer networks with Internet access based on Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows NT, Novell, Linux and UNIX systems, and also administer them. We provide professional services adapted to the individual needs of certain firms and institutions, from the first steps in creating an infrastructure and to expanding the existing one.

We specialize in the following areas:


  • Installation, configuration and administration of Windows, Windows NT, Windows Server, Novell, Linux / UNIX systems and help via phone and e-mail in support for these systems;
  • Servers of services: WWW, postal (SMTP / POP3 / IMAP), (DNS), proxy, FTP, DHCP domain names;
  • Configuration, incl. firewalls, databases, antivirus barriers;
  • Complex protection of servers and networks;
  • Constant monitoring of servers and services;
  • Modernization and updating of hardware and software;
  • Virtual servers;
  • Integrated management of network infrastructure;
  • Technical consultations and audits (network security and legality);
  • Creation of backup copies (backup);
  • Registration and content of domains;
  • Training in areas of your interest ;
  • Sale of equipment and materials for the creation and development of the networ

The main advantages of our company include:

  • Years of experience;
  • A strong position on the IT market;
  • A team of professionals you can trust;
  • Data security at remote administration, which is guaranteed by encrypted transmission facilities (SSH, VPN);
  • Guaranteed breakdown response time.

Creation and monitoring of LAN / WAN / VPN network 


  • Projects and development of wired (LAN) and wireless (WAN) networks;
  • The newest technologies for installing network communication are cross-panels with a modular enclosure, DLP cable channels, self-isolating clamps and much more;
  • Constant communication monitoring and contact with its suppliers.

We create secure connections between company departments through virtual networks (VPNs). Often this service consists in creating a virtual tunnel between distant local networks with the help of publicly available Internet facilities, as a result of which a network is created that users see as one company network. Data transfer within its limits occurs with the help of both compression and secure methods of data encryption, which guarantees the safe turnover of information in the enterprise.Employees who are outside the firm and who need access to its resources can also be connected to such a network. This solution also allows you to achieve greater confidence in dealing with business partners.

We provide network services to many enterprises and institutions. We take into account the current and expected needs of the client. We also provide assistance in choosing the best equipment. We invite you to get acquainted with the examples of the implementation of our projects.


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