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Service of Fiscal Devices

Service of Fiscal Devices

Service of Fiscal Devices

ESA SA has been engaged in sales, installation and service of fiscal devices since the introduction of the obligation of using them. During the initial period when we were in the holding OPTIMUS you could find only devices OPTIMUS IC(now NOVITUS) in our offer.With time we expanded availability of our cash registers and fiscal printers with the remaining best known brands.The current offer consists of printers and cash registers made by the following producers: NOVITUS, POSNET, ELZAB, INNOVA, DATECS (only Polish version) and INCOTEX.

Long-standing experience in service and installation of fiscal devices gives our clients confidence in the right selection of a fiscal device for fiscal activity as well as in competent consulting on settlement of formal matters and programming of fiscal devices. 

For clients owning sales networks scattered throughout the country we provide an effective service with a duty telephone, adjusted to the opening hours of points of sale.  Statutory technical inspections of a bigger amount of printers or fiscal cash registers are provided at contract prices. 

Our fiscal service department makes an effort within its communication capabilities to remind the consumers of our devices of the necessity of the required technical inspection of the fiscal device.
When installing more complex cash registers or fiscal devices requiring an interaction with the other devices of trade equipment, we provide consultations and work out optimal concrete solutions for the branch which is being serviced, We offer a wide range of scales, scanners, payment terminals as well as POS-terminals and computers interacting with the devices offered.

The specialists of our sales department gladly provide consultations to find the suitable solution comprising both information infrastructure and the equipment embedded in it, while the integration department (OutsourcingIT) is engaged in installation and turnkey introduction of the ready-made system.  We provide training.  Since the beginning of the activity of our company have been introducing software for point of sale and catering unit administration (HoReCa). This is one of our main specializations.  We integrate everything into an efficiently functioning system, which comprises fiscal devices.


Those interested in cooperation with our company are referred to concrete subpages, which are dedicated to the following topics:

•       Fiscal cash registers  (NOVITUS, POSNET, ELZAB, INNOVA, DATECS, INCOTEX, ACLAS)
Outsourcing IT  (information maintenance for firms)
This page is dedicated to fiscal promotions, which we most frequently present in combination with software, fiscal services, fiscal accessories and software for enterprise administration.

We inform our clients who are interested in supply with operations materials of fiscal devices such as rollers (all sizes) that we deliver them at a purchase price within Krakow.  The deliverance date, fixed together with the dealer, is dependent on the routes created for maintenance engineers of the fiscal department.

How much do cash registers and fiscal printers cost?

We can purchase the cheapest fiscal cash registers at a net price starting from 700 zl. The cheapest fiscal printer can be acquired at a net price of 1800 zl. The prices of fiscal cash registers reach 2200 zl. netto and the prices of fiscal printers – 3000 zl. netto. The prices of fiscal devices are influenced by operating margins, quality of execution, reputation of the producer, service terms and guarantees. In our offer you will not find fiscal devices registered at prices starting from 500 zl.  We have been on the fiscal market since the beginning of its foundation and we know how easy it is to discourage the client with low quality. Those interested in very cheap offers are referred to our competitors.  At our company, instead, you can count on price negotiations and discounts.

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