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The effective web application is the one which solves specific problems. To meet your requirements, it must be thoroughly thought out and properly designed. Thanks to the process approach (step by step) to the design and creation of the application, we can have the confidence that it will be practical and appropriately used.

Step 1 - Problem analysis

Each application serves to solve a particular problem. Financial management is different from human resources management or working time management. Each company or organization has its own specifics, therefore, in order to create a unique offer we need to study the processes that it will serve thoroughly.

Step 2 – Draft of   Application 

The draft of application, which often begins on a piece of paper or a board, quickly turns into functional prototypes. Before we begin to process large amounts of information, we test the application on approximate data. Depending on the "sensitivity" of the processed information, the appropriate level of protection is selected.

Step 3 - Implementation

Prototypes are turned into a specific application, which at this stage of testing has to process an extreme amount of data in order to have confidence in its reliability. It is important that the application is created using the latest languages and technological solutions to ensure that it can be expanded in the future.

Step 4 - Launch

At the end of the special training of the persons responsible for the maintenance of the application, it is launched. The effects of implementation of an application such as optimization of time and simplification of processes can be felt almost immediately.


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