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Fiscal Devices Novitus

Fiscal Devices Novitus

Fiscal Devices  NOVITUS

Novitus is a Polish company operating on the market since 2005, specializing in the field of fiscal cash registers and printers. Fiscal devices Novitus are distinguished by modern design, wide functionality and good quality. In this regard, investing in Novitus equipment, which is adapted to the needs of different kinds of users, will be a good choice.

Fiscal cash registers and fiscal printers of the Novitus brand, we can select for you the one of necessary functionality and size, starting from small - designed for mobile work, to medium and large devices that operate stationary.

Giving preference to Novitus brand products, you will be able to operate upscale fiscal devices.

You will find fiscal cash registers and fiscal   printers, among others, for the following industries:

  • Trade (both small shops, and mini-markets or trade and service networks)
  • Legal services, medical offices
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Business and accounting consulting
  • Pharmacies
  • Taxi
We offer a wide choice of Novitus fiscal cash registers and printers of various sizes and functionality at very attractive prices.
To facilitate the choice, we will try to tell you about the most often choices of our customers of Novitus fiscal cash registers and Novitus fiscal printers.

NOVITUS fiscal cash registers 

Fiscal cash registers of NOVITUS brand are highly respected and deemed successful by our customers. One of the most popular models of fiscal cash registers is the NOVITUS NANO E. model It is a mobile, small, trouble-free operating cash desk, which provides great comfort of use. The cash desk also has an ergonomic housing and a silicone keyboard, so it is resistant to various kinds of undesirable effects. It has many useful functions, including: a function that allows you to maintain parking lots, keep an electronic record, etc. This cash desk is very popular with dental offices, law firms, and also shows excellent results in places such as parking lots and many other mobile outlets.

The next device we want to introduce to you is medium-sized equipment - the NOVITUS SENTO E model, a solid, high-speed multifunctional device, primarily aimed at medium-sized trade and service outlets. This model also has the function of receipts electronic copy recording. It also provokes great interest among our customers. It also available in the network version - the Novitus SENTO E LAN fiscal cash desk.   

The next fiscal device that we would like to introduce is the innovative NOVITUS NEXT model. This cash register is a novelty in the market, equipped with a touch screen and simple trading software (Novicloud - subscription fee). A copy of the data, except that it is recorded on the SD card, is available in the cloud. Cash can be controlled through an Internet browser. Main feature of the device is its multifunctionality - you can connect to it the cells, a payment terminal, scales, and in addition, the speed of its work is improved due to a very reliable printing mechanism with paper cutting option.

All of the above models are just a small part of what we could offer you. We invite you to get acquainted with related models; we are convinced that every Client will find something necessary here.

NOVITUS  Fiscal Printers

Among NOVITUS fiscal printers, our customers are interested in the NOVITUS DEON E model - a modern, very convenient small fiscal printer that has such additional functions as a graphic logo use at the top of the receipt and recording an electronic copy on an SD card. This printer is recommended for small outlets. The advantage of this printer is an attractive price.

The next, different-sized device is NOVITUS HD E, this is the first printer in Poland with a color TFT display and the ability to play video or advertising, as well as recording an electronic copy on an SD card. The HD printer offers a range of possibilities for non-fiscal printing. It features fast printing, paper cutter and high efficiency.

This is only a small part of the functions that both of the above-mentioned NOVITUS fiscal printers possess, more details and a wider range of also worthy recommendations on models can be found further on our website. We also invite you to get acquainted with other fiscal devices of NOVITUS brand.