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Fiscal cash registers and printers of POSNET brand

Fiscal cash registers and printers of POSNET brand

Fiscal cash registers and fiscal printers of POSNET brand are a wide range of fiscal devices selected according to the needs of the most demanding customers. POSNET is a

Polish company, which has been manufacturing equipment of the highest quality level for more than twenty years.

POSNET fiscal cash registers and printers

POSNET fiscal cash registers and printers feature advanced design solutions thoroughly engineered to the smallest detail. The subsequent models of fiscal devices are adapted to the actual needs of users. The devices are known for their trouble-free operation and good work in advanced sales systems.
Given the heterogeneity of demand, we can classify our equipment available to the following categories:
  • Small fiscal cash registers - mobile
  • Medium-sized cash registers
  • Big fiscal cash registers 
  • Fiscal printers - mobile
  • Fiscal cash registers for shops
  • Fiscal cash registers for tickets
  • Fiscal cash registers for pharmacies
A wide range of POSNET fiscal solutions allows meeting the expectations of almost every customer. Both fiscal cash registers and POSNET fiscal printers keep pace with the modern technological trends. Using them, you make an optimal investment in the development of your business. Satisfaction with the purchase of devices is guaranteed. The correct selection of fiscal equipment will improve operations and raise the quality of labor. Next, we would like to talk more about the models that our clients most readily acquire, and which enjoy the greatest confidence.

Fiscal cash desks POSNET

In the fiscal offices of the category “SMALL – MOBILE” the POSNET MOBILE HS EJ model occupies the first place - it is distinguished first of all by its small size, light weight and good effect. The cashier is easy to maintain and guarantees the recording of an electronic copy. It is readily chosen by lawyers, doctors, beauty salons, hairdressers, etc.

The new POSNET ERGO fiscal cash register is also in a great demand, it is an elegant small cash register with an illuminated silicone keyboard with the ability to program 27 abbreviations, thanks to which you can make sells easily and quickly. The cashier-weight function, which Posnet Ergo possess, expands further the considerable functionality of this device. Most often it is chosen by: specialists, beauty salons, auto mechanics, and sellers in the markets (very powerful battery), in kiosks and small outlets that sell goods by weight.

Fiscal cash registers of the so-called medium- sized category - here the favorite is the POSNET REVO model, equipped with two bright graphic displays, thanks to which the sale can be made transparently. The cash register is operated easily and freely thanks to the illuminated switch-keypad (or silicone as an option). The cash register has a fast and durable printing mechanism and the paper cutter, which is an exceptional function of the fiscal cash registers. The fiscal cash register Posnet Revo also has a function of electronic copy making. Due to the cash register scale function, it is most often chosen by public catering establishments, confectioneries, bakeries, grocery stores, etc.

The fiscal cash register of the large category or system cash register category is the POSNET NEO XL thanks to its powerful, average size design this cash register operates fast and reliably. This is the most powerful cash register on the market. It has an alphanumeric display, makes electronic copies and is combined with a payment terminal and scales. These are only the most important features of the Posnet Neo fiscal cash register. It is willingly used in the malls and other   department stores with a large commodity base, etc.

This is only a small part of POSNET's fiscal cash registers. We invite you to get acquainted with other models because we are convinced that every customer will find the necessary devices.

POSNET fiscal printer

Choosing a fiscal printer, we often take into account the issue of functionality, performance, communications and dimensions. POSNET, taking into account these factors, has prepared for you a wide range of devices. In order to slightly simplify the issue of selecting the appropriate fiscal printer, we will present to you the most frequently selected POSNET printers taking into account the dimensions of the device and the application range. These models are very popular among our customers and have worked successfully for many years in many companies throughout Poland.
One of the most purchased printers in our assortment range is the POSNET TEMO HS EJ fiscal printer - at the moment it is the smallest and lightest weight fiscal printer on the market, its advantage is a capacious battery and the ability to replace paper quickly and easily. Presented in a connection via USB version or in wireless version equipped with Bluetooth communication module. The Posnet Temo HS EJ printer with Bluetooth stably interacts with sales systems on tablets or phones. It excels in modern mobile catering systems (for example, POSbistro), food trucks, cafes and mobile outlets of sale. The advantage of the printer is an attractive price.
Another device that enjoys great customer sympathy is the POSNET THERMAL XL fiscal printer, trouble-free equipment provided with a very fast printing mechanism and facilitating the work of the cashier by the paper cutter. This is the smallest of stationary fiscal printers, which has many functions of non-fiscal printing (invoices, coupons, codes, etc.) and, of course, an electronic copy recording. It fits a 100-meter roll of paper. The printer has three types of displays; The most popular one is the so called OLED. Posnet Thermal XL, it is connected via USB, RS and LAN. It was appreciated by shops and catering establishments serving a large number of customers - they need fast and easy customer service. Such famous brands as KFC or North operate it.
We also have a model that is adapted for specifically large printing intensity and different printing modes.   The POSNET THERMAL HD fiscal printer with built-in or free-standing display fits perfectly into sales and service outlets or places with a high work intensity. The advantage is a very strong, fast printing mechanism and a ceramic paper cutter. It is appreciated by customers who care about the width of the printout. On paper 80 mm, printouts of bills or VAT invoices are better visible. Posnet Thermal HD has the following interfaces: USB, RS i LAN.
This, of course, is only a part of the devices available to our customers; we invite you to get acquainted with the full assortment range.