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Vela CMS - Internet Star - An Interview for Business Report

Vela CMS - Internet Star - An Interview for Business Report An Interview with Robert Kubicz, the vice-president of z ESC S.A Enterprise and Michał Piszczek, the supervisor of Webisite and Internet Aplication Department.

- The latest products of ESC S.A Enterprise are CMS Systems. How would You decribe Them ?

Robert Kubicz: - Nowadays , in a Communication Era, when all informations need to bee  quickly transfered, CMS systems becomes the necessary work tools in Companies. By dint of those Systems, You can freely administer the website content, modify it and actualize it. D

Michał Piszczek: - Until Today, all companies that order to project their websites , they used to receive the product with final, unmodify informations. That way of webiste creating prevent the informations about the company from being actualize. There has been only two option to consider: pay again for new information to be included into the website or unactualize it at all. Vela CMS bakes up with this stereotype.

- What advantages comes off the Vela CMS possess ?

RK: - The biggest advantage is the ability to modify the webiste content, text as well as the grafic, by people that has no technical knowledge. In priciple, all authorised users can add and freely compose informations about company. It influent with the reduction of costs and  the website information reliebility.

- Why would the customers choose Vela CMS ?

MP: - The strongest vitue of our system is very friendly, intuitional interface and the highest quality code guaranteing the safety, efficiency and the automatic actualization system. The  list of advantages is very long but the most interesting for the readers is the fact,  that CMS for us is like a philosofy. Those systems is more the implementation than just selling. Vela to be efficient  need to be included in company's life.

RK: - Our trump is surely the professional support after the implementation. Our system is very considered in a matter of management in many languages.All of our component are fully multilangual.

- What companies has Vela been already implement in ?

MP: - In a range of our customers you can find IT Companies, Trade Companies, Manufacturers, Commertial Agencies, but also Agendas and Foundations. We are opened not only for local but also for international markets. We invite IT companies to cooperate with us.

- How do you see the future plans in consider to the new product of ESC Company ?

RK: - We want to go on with a developement of our system, so so it would be possible to integrate it with many outside aplications.  We aim for our system to be more compatible with ERP Management Systems.

- Thank You for an interview.
Marta Garbaczewska